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A Transitional Justice Barometer: Measuring the needs for and impact of transitional justice process in Tunisia

To ensure human security and rule of law in Tunisia demands transitional justice mechanisms that address the aspirations of the Tunisian people. This project will build a research capacity in Tunisia that will enable Tunisians from a wide range of backgrounds to articulate their aspirations for the transition to the authorities and increase their participation in transitional justice process. The project will constitute a barometer of the performance of the transitional justice process, permitting a longitudinal understanding of the impact of transitional justice in Tunisia. The research will be published and shared with authorities, civil society and transitional justice mechanisms, including in forums with affected communities. This is an action research project that seeks both to produce knowledge that can inform global understandings of a victim-centred, participatory transitional justice process, while actively impacting the process in Tunisia.

Prof Paul Gready and Dr Simon Robins (Centre for Applied Human Rights) have been awarded a research grant from The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) to pursue this project.

Research Starts: 01/10/2014

Research Ends: 30/09/2016

Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research