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Neglected Diseases: Addressing the Limits of the International Politics of Health

The view of global health governance as crisis management and threat containment has been reinforced by recent outbreaks of contagious diseases. This project shifts the focus to issues commonly deemed ‘marginal’ in global health. It looks at three neglected cases (tropical diseases, diarrhoea, and ‘rare’ degenerative diseases) and sets out to explore how health issues are represented and prioritized; the political impact of health concerns; the role of state and non-state actors; the global structures that reproduce vulnerabilities and inequalities. By challenging and reconsidering understandings of global health, the project speaks to policy-makers, civil society actors and International Relations scholars.

Dr Nunes has been awarded an Early Career Fellowship from the Leverhulme Trust to pursue this project.

To access audio files from the Ebola roundtable held on Thursday 23rd April 2015 (2 parts), click here:

Ebola roundtable - MP3 download - part 1 ( 32,002kb download)

Ebola roundtable - MP3 download - part 2 ( 14,369kb download)

Research Starts: 01/09/2013

Research Ends: 31/08/2016

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