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Emerging infrastructural corridors in India and Brazil

About the project

The current phase of globalisation hinges on surface transportation, lending a renewed emphasis on roadways and railways between and within countries. The rapidly growing investments in the construction of inter-continental highways that aim to establish the Rising Powers as regional hubs of trade, transport and communications signals an appreciation of their importance.
In this project, supported by the University of York Impact Acceleration Account Business Boost Scheme, we initiate collaborations between academics, activists, governments and business with an empirical focus on the construction of highways in the Rising Powers. This exploratory project investigates the political dynamics underpinning the planning and execution of inter-continental highways in Asia and Latin America. By organising workshops that bring together academics, activists, policy-makers in government and businesses, the project lays the ground for detailed analytical investigations into the social and political implications of such inter-continental projects.

The workshops particularly focus on three themes:

1). State-business relation

2). Business-labour relations

3). State-society relations.

Meet the team

Principal Investigator
Dr. Indrajit Roy, University of York

Professor Vera Schattan P. Coelho, Centro Brasileiro de Análise e Planejamento, São Paulo, Brazil
Professor Swagato Sarkar, Jindal School of Government, Sonepat, India

Project Outputs

Two workshops were organised under the aegis of the project. The following working papers were produced as a result of the workshop:

Governance of large infrastructure projects in Brazil: Questions for governance and research agenda

State capacity, infrastructure and development under neoliberal conditions: A case study of the western peripheral expressway