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What does hope mean to you?

"Understand that the future is bright and prosperous for not only myself but greater humanity. Waking up and knowing I will be at peace. F, 24, UK"
"Optimism for a better future. F, 24, UK"

What makes you hopeful?

"Knowing that every day is a fresh start and that better times are always coming. The new appreciation we have for life and our deeper understanding and acceptance of each other will surely only continue to evolve. F, 22, UK"

"Reflecting back on where I used to be. F, 23, USA"

 "Watching good things happen to other people/ people achieving makes me hopeful. F, 22, UK"


What hopes do you have for the future?

"That we will have made significant progress towards a world of acceptance of diversity and inclusion of everyone, regardless of perceived difference. F, 32, UK"
 "Healthy me, healthy planet. M, 54, UK"

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What does hope mean to you? 

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