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Journal entry 4: March 3, 2020

A patrol by Josué Gimel 

I walk by the Canal de l’Ourcq, and can’t ignore the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. The aesthetics of the canal, with its small Marina, its cycling road, its petanque sand-fields, its small buildings and trendy bars make it look like an old and quiet village in the early morning. A few dog owners hang around while a few independent workers or students sit in front of their computers inside the bars. 

a photo of Place Stalingrad

At the end of Canal de l’Ourcq stands Place Stalingrad, the biggest public square of the neighborhood. When I reach the square, I see six men and two women running half-naked far from a stone porch where they had spent the whole night. Some of them left their shoes under the porch while the others carry their sleeping bags. They are trying to escape a police patrol. On the main entrance of the porch, a police car completely blocks the pedestrian route allowing the patrol coming from the other side to arrest them.