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Dr Sara Van Goozen
Associate Lecturer



Sara graduated from Maastricht University with a BA(Hons) in History and Politics. She then moved to Manchester, where she completed an MA and then a PhD in Political Theory at the University of Manchester. 
Sara's research focuses on topics in contemporary just war theory and global ethics more generally - in her PhD thesis, she asked to what extent just combatants can be required to bear risk in order to reduce collateral damage to innocent non-combatants. She is also interested in various other areas in contemporary political theory, such as the literatures on political obligation and sovereignty.



Sara's research covers three general areas: contemporary just war theory; global ethics, in particular relating to issues surrounding migration, poverty, and climate change; and the justification of state authority (both over individuals, and over territory). She is also keen to explore the intersections of her (normative) work on these topics and work being done by those studying the international realm from different perspectives.



Introduction to Political Theory
Foundations of International Thought


Ethics & World Politics

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Sara Van Goozen
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