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Dr Matthew Whiting



Matthew joined the Department in 2021. His research approach is at the intersection of conflict studies and comparative politics. His research interests include the moderation and radicalisation of non-state armed groups, how states respond to internal security threats, and how local dynamics shape internal conflicts. He has a particular interest in the cases of Irish Republicanism in Northern Ireland and radical Kurdish groups in Turkey. He is the co-convenor of the Turkish Politics Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association.

Before joining the Department at the University of York, Matthew held positions at the University of Reading, the University of Birmingham, and at the LSE. He completed his PhD at the LSE, his MA at University College Dublin, and his BA at Trinity College, Dublin.



Matthew’s research examines the moderation and radicalisation of non-state armed groups, as well as how states respond to threats from non-state armed groups. His research has focused on two particular cases of ethno-national rebel groups: Irish republicanism in Northern Ireland and Kurdish radicalism in Turkey. His research has been funded by the British Academy and by the British Institute at Ankara.

His research on Northern Ireland began with his PhD, which examined the moderation of Sinn Féin and the IRA, while his more recent work has looked at power-sharing and stability in Northern Ireland. He is currently undertaking a project examining local dynamics in post-peace process in Northern Ireland and how these impact stability and reconciliation.

His research on Turkey examines the enduring radicalism of the PKK and the political determinants of the Turkish state’s response to Kurdish insurgency, especially following the war in Syria. He is currently undertaking a project (in collaboration with a partner at Altinbaş University in Istanbul) looking at the consequences of the failed coup in 2016 for security policy in Turkey and for Kurdish radicalism – in particular, looking at how this plays out at the local level.

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