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Luke Moore
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Luke Moore is a political scientists with a strong focus on British politics. His research mainly concerns legislative behaviour. He has a particular interest in Conservative MPs and the internal politics of the party. In addition to this he has a research interest in religion in politics in regards to voting behaviour and influence of bishops.

Luke Moore joined the University of York in January 2022. He has held posts in the Constitution Unit at University College London and the University of Oxford. Luke holds a doctorate from the University of Oxford, an MA from the University of York and a BSc from the London School of Economics.



Luke’s main research interests are in British politics and legislative behaviour. He has a particular interest in the behaviour of Conservative MPs. His doctoral thesis looked at the behaviour of Conservative MPs in relation to the issue of European integration. This thesis looked at the different influences and incentives MPs faced such as constituency pressure, ideological commitment and career opportunities.  The thesis also considered how the ideological composition of the party was affected by the selection process and general elections. In addition to his doctoral research he has looked at MPs behaviour on issues relating to COVID regulation. More broadly, he is interested in dyadic representation and how MPs represent their constituents.

The other main area of Luke’s research interests is the influence of religion in politics. In particular, he focuses on the role of Bishops in influencing voting behaviour and the legislative role of the Lords Spiritual.


Selected publications

“Policy, Office and Votes: Conservative MPS and the Brexit Referendum.” (2017) Parliamentary Affairs, 71(1) 1-27

“Groups and the Limited Pluralism of the Set-Piece Consultation” (2012) The British Journal of Politics & International Relations, 14(1) 175–186. Co-authored as part of the LSE GV314 Group

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Luke Moore
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