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Dr Liam Clegg



Liam joined the Department of Politics and International Relations at York in October 2010, after completing his PhD at the University of Birmingham. Liam has previously spent time as a Visiting Scholar at American University, Washington DC, and as a Research Scholar at the American Political Science Association Centennial Centre, Washington DC.

In 2013 Liam was awarded the Elsevier / US-UK Fulbright Commission UK Young Researcher Award (Social Science). Further information about the Award is available through the Elsevier webpage, and in an accompanying video-clip.



There are two main strands to my research and engagement. 

First, I have a long-standing interest in global governance, with a particular focus on the operational practice of the World Bank and IMF. In this area, I explore both the drivers of policy change, and distributional consequences of particular interventions. 

Second, I have a more recently-established interest in local governance, with particular focuses on the comparative analysis of local authority policy performance and the foundations of local climate change leadership. 

My research has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, I have assessed for the Irish Research Council, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and the Research Foundation of Flanders. I have published widely in academic outlets, and have a strong record of policy engagement.

I am to supervise PhD candidates across (international) Political Economy and Public Policy. Please see relevant sections of the Department webpages, and drop me a line.

External activities


Member, Academic Council on United Nations System (2015 - )

Consultant, Oxford Analytica (2012 - )

Contributor, House of Commons International Development Committee (2012 - )

Member, IMF Research Network (2012 - )

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Dr Liam Clegg
Department of Politics and International Relations
University of York
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Tel: 01904 322646


Feedback and Guidance hours, Semester 2    Tuesday 9:15-10:15