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Animals and the ethics of war: a call for an inclusive just-war theory

Posted on 21 August 2023

New article by Dr Sara Van Goozen

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Dr Sara Van Goozen has a new article she has co-authored alongside Dr Josh Milburn which has been published Open Access with International Relations.

The article: "Animals and the Ethics of war: a call for an Inclusive just-war theory" was first published on 5th August 2023.


Animals have been almost entirely absent from scholarly appraisals of the ethics of war. Just-war theory concerns when communities may permissibly resort to war; who may wage war; who they may harm in war; and what kinds of harm they may cause. Each question can be complicated by animals’ inclusion. After introducing just-war theory and the argument for an animal-inclusive just-war theory, this paper reviews ethical appraisals of war on animals’ behalf and wars against animals. It then turns to consider harm to and use of animals in war. It concludes by considering questions in the ethics of war beyond just-war theory as traditionally construed.