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Learning Community Newsletter Week 8

Posted on 8 June 2021

All the latest from the department

A special shout-out again this week for PolSoc’s Meet Your Coursemate Event that is happening this Wednesday - do read below for more details on this. 

I hope you all have a fantastic week, 

Jeremy Moulton (Learning Community Officer)


Examining the Sustainability of the Circular Economy

Wednesday 9th  June 4pm

In the last decade the circular economy has risen from a resource management strategy best known for application in China to a worldwide concept for which claims are made for transformative social as well as environmental benefits.  This talk draws on an EU-funded project which has been researching the sustainability implications of a circular economy via 15 inter-related projects divided between six different countries.  The results suggest that implementation may fall short of expectations without closer attention to sustainability than is often applied. Register for your place here

Grieving During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Thursday 10th June 3pm

People bereaved during the COVID-19 crisis have faced extraordinary challenges: COVID-19 deaths are often sudden and unexpected, infection control measures have limited contact prior to death, social support and mourning practices have been profoundly disrupted, and the threat of the virus remains omnipresent. In many ways, COVID-19 conflicts with our cultural conceptions of a ‘good’ death and grief, as reflected and enforced by news media. In this new and challenging context, bereavement services have transformed their support, innovating and adapting to try to meet clients’ needs. In this presentation, Dr Lucy Selman will present findings from current research into grief and bereavement during the pandemic. Register for your place here

Minor Languages and the Questions of Translation, or, How I Learned to Love Afrikaans

Thursday 10th June 5pm

In this lecture, Prof Attridge reflects on the role of Afrikaans in the lives and academic pursuits of white South Africans like Jacques Berthoud, David Attwell, and himself -  distinguished scholars of South African literature and past Heads of York's Department of English and Related Literature. He will explore the achievements of Afrikaans literary writing since the end of apartheid, and broaden the discussion to consider the issue of minor languages in the context of world literature.  The lecture will be chaired by Prof David Attwell. Register for your place here.

Meet Your Coursemates

Our brilliant Politics Society is running another Meet Your Coursemates event for first years in the Department but, this time, it is happening in person! 

The event is taking place Wednesday 9th June at 6pm at the Lakeside Tap. If you are interested in attending, please fill out this Google Form so you can be matched with a group of 6 for the evening.