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Christopher Ridgers



Qualifications: MSci (Cambridge); PhD (Imperial College London)

Previous Posts:

  • Postdoctoral research assistant, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (Oct 2007-May 2008);
  • Postdoctoral research assistant, Imperial College London (May 2008-Oct 2010);
  • Postdoctoral research assistant, University of Oxford (Oct 2010-Jan 2012)

Summary of expertise:

  • Kinetic theory of laser-produced plasmas
  • simulations of inertial confinement fusion plasmas (ICF) plasmas
  • Theory and simulation of laser-produced quantum electrodynamic (QED)-plasmas

Roles in the School of Physics, Engineering and Technology

  • Programme Leader MSc in Fusion Energy



Research group: 

Research interests

  • Theory and simulations of non-classical transport effects in inertial confinement fusion plasmas; considering, in particular, the role of non-locality and inverse bremsstrahlung in the presence of magnetic fields.  The development of reduced non-local models for inclusion in radiation hydrodynamics codes and benchmarking these reduced models with kinetic simulations.
  • Relativistic electron beam propagation and collimation in laser-produced plasmas.  Investigation of self-collimation and novel collimation schemes relevant to fast-ignition inertial confinement fusion.
  • Quantum electrodynamic (QED) plasmas produced by ultra-high intensity lasers.  The development of a kinetic theory to describe such plasmas and the use of this theory to describe basic QED-plasma phenomena such as the absorption of electromagnetic waves.


Laser absorption to gamma-ray photons and electron-positron pairs in laser-produced QED plasmas, kinetic modelling of ICF plasmas.

Chris Ridgers

School of Physics, Engineering and Technology
University of York
YO10 5DD
Tel: +44 (0)1904 324613
Fax: +44 (0)1904 322214
Room: GN/121, York Plasma Institute



  • Stage one electromagnetism


  • MSc Further plasma physics

Other teaching

  • MPhys and BSc projects on topics in plasma physics