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Studying Abroad

For more information about studying overseas, please contact Dr Fiora Salis. The Study Abroad web pages have additional information about many aspects of studying overseas, including Erasmus and other Worldwide exchange schemes.  Please note that some of the Worldwide opportunities are no longer available - for up to date destinations please see the philosophy global opportunities web pages.

We have developed an exciting '3+1' degree programme, which allows you to spend a year studying abroad. Peking University (PKU) will make up to three places available to York undergraduate Philosophy students in 2019/20: teaching at PKU is in English. Students can also study at the University’s other European or worldwide exchange partners, subject to availability. Students should apply to transfer to this programme after arriving at York, and will typically spend their third year abroad, returning to York for their final year. Again, contact Fiora Salis for details.

What Philosophy students say about the Study Abroad programme

Peking University, Beijing, China

Culture Shock - Be prepared for everything to be alien to you. I was described as being a 'deer caught in headlights' the first two weeks of my exchange: honestly, they weren't far off. You adjust surprisingly quickly to university life once you have a structure and find your feet. Make sure you try to go travelling as many weekends to experience as much of China as you can!

Accommodation - I am living in my own room and sharing a bathroom with another student. I am considered one of the lucky ones to have such a favourable living arrangement. The other option to save money is to share a room with another person, which is what most of my friends have. Generally speaking they get on well, the room is large and it seems to me that you're able to have a lot of your own space if/when you want it. Just make sure that when you first meet your roommate for the next year you're talkative and make the time to hang out outside of your room - it helps in the long run!

Living in Beijing - Oh boy it's cheap here: you can purchase an entire meal at one of the many campus canteens for around 30p which includes: rice (and lots of it) with tofu and a drink. Not bad eh!! Try not to stay in the canteens for food; explore the local area too. I've found some delicious places next to my campus and where I live. It's not as cheap as campus food, but the quality tends to be much better. 

Education - Be prepared for a mahoosive workload every day. I decided to take Chinese as a second language for my first semester and Philosophy modules for my second semester here. I have 24 contact hours a week from 8 am-noon every day. The extra four hours come from voluntary elective modules. My elective modules are really fun. I have chosen a Chinese Literature module (which I wouldn't recommend unless you're fluent in Chinese - my mistake, not yours!), a Chinese Folklore module, which is really cool because we get to go on afternoon trips visiting temples. Finally, I chose an Environmental Policy lecture, which highlights why human beings are awful for the planet - but, hey, the more you know!!

I would definitely recommend taking Chinese as a second language, firstly because it forces you to interact with other international students - I'm the only Brit in my class, how cool!! Elective modules are both good and bad - they take up your free time during the week but also allow you to learn more about China in the process.

York University, Toronto, Canada

"It would not be an exaggeration to say that choosing to study abroad was the best decision I have ever made. Spending the entirety of second year away from York is not without its challenges, but my experiences at York University in Toronto well and truly surpassed anything I could have achieved in my second year.

Toronto itself is an incredible city, I spent hours wandering around finding coffee shops and art galleries. Kensington market, a favourite place, is closer to the university district with its array of vintage shops and eclectic cafes. In short, I had an amazing time. It wasn’t always easy, but the nerves and sacrifices were worth it. I had fun, made friends and used the opportunity to live and study in a completely different part of the world. I would recommend it any York student looking to get the most out of their time at university."‌I took classes in Travel Writing, Bookmaking and Philosophy of Art. My class on Bookmaking lead me to pursue a career in publishing, I feel sure I would not have developed such a passion for the industry without this course. The university, with almost four times the number of students than York, offers numerous opportunities through societies and volunteering. I managed to take part in International Week, York Breast Cancer Society, Oxfam at York, Creative Writing and many more. I watched and took part in more weird and wonderful pieces of theatre than I can remember.