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Narrating Complexity

Provisional Table of Contents

Part I: (scene setting)

    1. Introduction and overview: who, what, why (Richard Walsh, Susan Stepney, UYork)
    2. Narrative Theory for Complexity Scientists (Richard Walsh, UYork)
    3. Complex Systems for Narrative Theorists (Susan Stepney, UYork)
    4. A Brief History of Systems Thinking (Leo Caves, Susan Stepney, UYork;  Emma Uprichard; UWarwick)

Part II: (contributed essays exploring the range of issues) Provisional list of chapters (TBC):

  1. Sense and Wonder: Complexity and the limits of Narrative Understanding. (Richard Walsh, UYork)
  2. The benefit of doubt: embracing complexity and uncertainty. (James Dyke, Simon McGregor USouthampton)
  3. A Simple Story of the Complex Mind? A Rhetorical Analysis of Cognitive Science Texts. (Merja Polvinen, UHelsinki)
  4. A Mistake That Worked: On the Narrative Dynamics of Knowledge and Ignorance. (Marina Grishakova, UTartu, Estonia)
  5. When Robots tell each other Stories, or The Emergence of Artificial Fiction. (Alan Winfield, UWE)
  6. Plato with a movie camera: visually thinking of complexity. (Marthe-Sophie Zeevenhooven, documentary maker)
  7. Augmenting Communication: Peering at Narratives and Complexity through a Digital Arts Lens. (Lynn Parker, UAbertay Dundee)
  8. The secret life of civilization. (James Dyke, USouthampton)
  9. Our complex Earth. (James Dyke, USouthampton)
  10. Why do we trust computer simulations? (James Dyke, USouthampton)
  11. Irreducible complexity and narrating the endarkenment. (James Dyke, USouthampton)
  12. Gardening Complex Systems, and other metaphors. (Leo Caves, Susan Stepney, UYork)
  13. Complex Films for Complex Minds. (Maria Poulaki, UvA, Netherlands)
  14. Switches, feedbacks and integrators - how networks network (James Bown, UAbertay Dundee)

Part III: (analysis and synthesis)

  1. Analysis of contributions (Richard Walsh, Susan Stepney, UYork)
  2. From Simplex to Complex Narrative: a new model (Susan Stepney, Richard Walsh, UYork)