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Narrative and Complex Systems Workshops

Lynn Parker

From 2012 to 2013 the NarCS network held a series of exploratory workshops in order to test the potential of the interdisciplinary dialogue between narratologists and complexity scientists, to define the scope of the collaboration and identify productive lines of research, and to generate grant application projects. These occasions proved to be intellectually exciting in themselves, and a fertile source of bold new research directions. The calendar of events was as follows:

NarCS workshop 1: 11th-12th July 2012, Ron Cooke Hub (funded by an English Department Research Priming Award)

NarCS workshop 2: 10th-12th April 2013, Berrick Saul Building (funded by the University Research Priming Fund)

NarCS workshop 3: 15th-17th July 2013, Berrick Saul Building (funded by the University Research Priming Fund)