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Victoria Gould



I was an undergraduate and a PhD student at York, then a temporary lecturer at Bristol and Manchester before holding a Royal Society European Research Fellowship at the Technische Hochschule, Darmstadt. I returned to York with an SERC (now EPSRC) Postdoctoral Fellowship, before taking up a lectureship here.

I have held a number of editorial positions. Currently I am on the Council and Editorial Board of Semigroup Forum.

I am a member of the Executive Committee of the European Mathematical Society and their liaison with their Ethics Committee.



I am an algebraist, interested in (among other things) structure theory for semigroups, endomorphism monoids of universal algebras, semigroups of quotients, S-acts over a monoid S and T-posets over an ordered monoid T. Several of these themes appear in my recent work, which has focused on free idempotent generated semigroups.

Further details of my publications may be found in the York Research Database; my webpage also contains preprints and unpublished research notes.

Research group(s)

Algebra Research Group

Available PhD research projects

I work primarily in algebraic semigroup theory, focussing on a number of inter-related areas:

  1. the theory of S -acts over a monoid S , that is, representations of monoids by transformations; partial actions of monoids and related structures, and when these can be extended to global actions
  2. structure theory for semigroups, including the less explored cases where the semigroups in question are not necessarily regular
  3. semigroups of quotients
  4. endomorphism monoids of certain universal algebras
  5. the model theory of S-acts and semigroups

I have supervised to completion nine PhD students, eight of whom now hold academic positions, and a number of visiting research students, at both Masters and PhD level. Currently I am supervising four PhD students.

My PhD students have worked on topics fitting into one or more of the themes above. I am always pleased to learn new material, and am happy to consider potential students in any area of semigroup theory.


Current Research Students



  • Groups, Rings and Fields

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Professor Victoria Gould
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