Joyce Jiang
Lecturer in Human Resource Management



Joyce Jiang joined the York Management School as a lecturer in Human Resources Management in September 2016, before which she held a lectureship at Roehampton Business School in London. Joyce earned her PhD from Loughborough University with her dissertation focusing on the collective mobilisation of migrant workers in the UK, and a MA in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management (with Distinction) from the University of Warwick. In Warwick, she won the Trade Union Congress Prize for Outstanding Attainment in Employment Rights for her master dissertation on the topic of migrant workers’ union propensities. Joyce holds membership of many professional and academic organisations such as graduate membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy and membership of European Association of Sociology and British Universities Industrial Relations Association.

Her first research area is the collective mobilisation of migrant workers and new forms of labour organising. Her PhD dissertation probes the alternative and new forms of organising among migrant workers when trade union is absent in their workplaces in the UK. Built upon that basis, her current research engages the debate on community unionism, new social movement and a variety of intersections between class, gender and ethnicity in collective mobilisation of workers. She argues for the utilisation of a social movement approach in studying the creative forms of organising.

Joyce is also interested in community-based art and politicised art. She’s also developed research projects that explore the role of participatory art in labour organising. Joyce is particularly interested in how participatory art can construct organic solidarity in collective mobilisation of workers. Her new project concerns the way art functions as a nimble form of collective action of workers in China, and she’s received funding for this project from the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Joyce’s research has developed enduring attention to art-based research methods, such as photography and videos, to be applied as an enabling methodology to the study of marginalised populations.

Joyce welcomes PhD interest in the following areas:

  • Community-based art; Politicsed art
  • Trade unionism in Britain
  • Collective action of workers in China
  • Migrant workers and their work rights
  • Social movement and new forms of organising
  • The use of ethnography, particularly art-based reserach methods, in the study of work and employment
  • Emotional labour

Subject Group

Work Management and Organisation



Joyce’s main research interest is the alternative and new forms of organising in the context of the decline of trade union membership and the erosion of trade union’s social influence. She is particularly interested in collective mobilisation of the previously marginalised groups of workers, such as migrant workers, female workers and other types of non-standard workers who are embedded in the flexible and precarious economy.

In addition, she is interested in community-based art and politicised art. Her research looks at the role of participatory art in labour organising. She also takes great interest in the use of art-based research methods as an enabling methodology in researching the marginalised populations.

Research funding and awards

International placement fellowship in Shanghai Theatre Academy, granted by Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), for her research project ‘Art as an Empowerment tool of Marginalised Workers in Shanghai’.

Loughborough University PhD funding for her project: ‘Collective Mobilisation among Migrant Workers: A study of Community Organising of Migrant Workers in Low-skilled Sectors in the UK’.

Research fellowship granted by social science project ‘Domestic Work’, International Centre for Development and Decent Work, University of Kassel, Germany, for her project ‘Collective Mobilisation among Migrant Domestic Workers in London’.

Trade Union Congress Prize for Outstanding Attainments in Employment Rights for her master dissertation: ‘How do Migrant Workers View Trade Unions in the UK? Social Identities of Migrant Workers and Their Union Propensities.’


Selected publications

Jiang, J and Korczynski, M (2016) ‘When the ‘Unorganisable’ Organise: Collective Mobilisation of Migrant Domestic Workers in London’, Human Relations, 69(3): 813–838.

Jiang, J (2016), ‘ Organizing the Unorganisable: The rise of flat, Associational Organising’, Work in Progress (public blog of American Association of Sociology),

Jiang, J (forthcoming) ‘From Labourers of Love to Labourers with Rights: Organizing Migrant Workers through “Communities of Coping”’, In Atzeni. M and Ness, I (eds), Labour Reconfiguration and Workers’ Resistance: Global perspectives, Policy Press.

Conference presentations

Jiang, J, 2016, ‘Art and Organic Solidarity: The Death of “Solidarity Forever” and the Rise of Flat Organising and Participative Art?’, the 34th International Labour Process Conference, Berlin, Germany, April 4-6.

Jiang, J, 2015, ‘Art as a Tool of Collective Resistance: A Case Study of Organising Migrant Domestic Workers through Art in London’, 12th Conference of the European Sociological Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, Aug 25-29.

Jiang, J, 2014, ‘ Art-based Research Method: An Empowering Methodology with the Marginalised populations’, 7th Art of Management Conference, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, Aug 28-31.

Jiang, J, 2013, 'Migrant Community-based Organisations: Opportunities and Challenges for Labour Organising', 31st International Labour Process Conference, Rutgers University, US, March 18-20. 

Jiang, J, 2012, ‘A Strong Weapon of Labour Resistance: Art in Community Organizing of Immigrant Domestic Workers’, 6th Art of Management and Organization Conference, University of York, UK, Sep 4-7.

Jiang, J, 2012, ‘Immigrant Homeworkers and Labour Activism: Learning from Domestic Worker Organizing’, Migration, Racism and Xenophobia Research Network Conference, Karl-Franzens University of Graz, Austria, April 19-20.

Jiang, J, 2012, ‘The Limitations of Community Unionism: Exploring the Context and Meaning of ‘Community’ among Polish Immigrant Workers in South Somerset’, 30th International Labour Process Conference, Stockholm University, March 27-29.

Jiang, J, 2012,‘ From “Mothers” and “Servants” to “Workers’”: An Analysis of Collective Mobilization among Immigrant Domestic Workers in London’, 8th Critical Labour Symposium, University of Salford, Manchester, UK, Feb 18-19.

Jiang, J, 2011, ‘Community Organizing of ‘Neglected’ Workers: a Case Study of Justice for Domestic workers in London’, 19th Industrial Relations in Europe Conference, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, September 1 – 2.

Jiang, J, 2011, ‘Emotion, Empathy and Exit in Ethnography Study’, Loughborough University
Postgraduate Ethnography Network, July 6.

Jiang, J ,2010, ‘Collective Actions of Labour Migrants: a Study of Migrants and Community Unionism in the UK’, Ethnographies of Migration Workshop, London School of Economics and Political Science, June 19- 20.

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