Dr Arun Kumar
Lecturer in International Management and Programme Leader in MSc Management



Before joining the University of York as a Lecturer in International Management in 2016, I completed my PhD at the Department of Organisation, Work and Technology at Lancaster University. Previously trained in architecture and development management, I had worked as an independent researcher and development consultant/advisor with leading aid agencies, NGOs, independent research centres, policy think-tanks, among others for over seven years, which has had a formative influence on my academic research.

I am involved as an Academic Lead with the Interdisciplinary Global Development Centre at the University of York and am a Member of the Centre for Research on Entrepreneurship, Wealth and Philanthropy at Newcastle University.


Subject Group

Work Management and Organisation

Departmental roles

Equality and Diversity Champion

Departmental Disability Rep.



I am interested in the histories and practices of international development and international management. As part of which, I am currently working on three broad but related areas:

  1. History of organised philanthropy in development
  2. Role of philanthropic foundations in management education
  3. Management of international development, particularly M&E.

I am pleased to have been awarded the Carnevali Small Grant from the Economic History Society (2017-18) for my research on the history of Indian elites’ philanthropy and their contribution to development in long Indian twentieth century. Based on which, I am currently working on a research monograph “Re/Imagining Development.” In 2015, I won a competitive research grant-in-aid from the Rockefeller Archives Centre to conduct archival research on the history of management education in India (1950-1990).

In 2016, I was awarded the Best Critical Management Education Paper by the CMS Division at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. I was also a Finalist for the All-Academy William H Newman Award in the same year.

In addition to a doctoral studentship from the Lancaster University Management School, I have also received a number of travel grants from various scholarly associations, including the Business History Conference and Association of Business Historians, among others. In my professional life, I have worked on a number of research projects in the areas of gender and governance, disability, and social accountability funded, among others, by the International Development Research Centre, Canada.

Research Grants & Awards
  1. 2015-16: Researcher, “Management, Modernity, and Nation-Building: The Contested Histories of Management in India”, a competitive research grant-in-aid funded by Rockefeller Archives Centre, US $4,000.
  2. 2012-15: Doctoral Studentship, Lancaster University Management School Award, United Kingdom; included full fee waiver and living stipend (approximately £77,000)
  3. 2015: LUMS Conference Grant Scheme to present at the International CMS Conference, Leicester, UK.
  4. 2014, 2015: Francesca Carnevali Travel Grant awarded by the Association of Business Historians to present at its Annual Meeting.
  5. 2014: Alfred D Chandler Travel Grant awarded by the Business History Conference (BHC) to attend its Annual Meeting at Frankfurt, Germany; awarded an additional stipend to attend the Oxford Journals Doctoral Colloquium in Business History, US$700.
  6. 2010-12: Principal Researcher, w/ Vanmala Hiranandani and Deepa Sonpal,“Realising UNCRPD: Inclusion in Education and Employment in India.” Awarded by Cordaid, The Netherlands, INR1,600,000.
  7. 2008: Co-Investigator, w/ Binoy Acharya, “Social Audits.” Published in Alagh, Y. K. et al (Eds.) The State of Panchayats: 2007-08, An Independent Assessment, pp. 327-338. Institute of Rural Management, Anand and Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Government of India, INR200,000.
  8. 2006-08: Co-Investigator, w/ Alice Morris and Geeta Sharma, “Making Space: Women’s Participation in Local Politics in Rajasthan, India.” International Development Research Centre, Canada Research on Gender and Decentralization in South Asia Research Competition, CA$99,960.


Selected publications

Kumar A (accepted) From Henley to Harvard, at Hyderabad?: (Post- and neo-) colonialism in management education in India. Enterprise and Society.
Kumar A (forthcoming) Pragmatic and paradoxical philanthropy: Tatas’ gift-giving and scientific development in India. Development and Changehttps://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/dech.12409
Kumar A and Kothiyal N (forthcoming, 2018) Dis/ability at work?: Media representations, CSR, and diversity. In: Anita Ghai (ed) Disability in South Asia: Knowledge and Experience. New Delhi: Sage.

‘Making History: Archives, Historiography, and Their Silences’. Best Paper, CMS Division, Proceedings of Academy of Management. ISSN: 2151-6561.*^
* Finalist, All-Academy William H Newman Award.
^ Best Critical Management Education Paper.

Book Review: Rosalind Eyben's International Aid and the Making of a Better World. Management Learning, 46(3): 363-366.

‘Making Community Inclusion Work for Persons with Disabilities: Drawing Lessons from the Field.’ Community Development, 45(2): 150-164 (with V Hiranandani and D Sonpal).

‘Ableing Work, Disableing Workers?’ Development in Practice, 24(1): 81-90 (with N Kothiyal, V Hiranandani, & D Sonpal).

Kumar, A. 2013. ‘Serv(ic)ing the Country?: Critical Reflections on Youth Development and Citizenship Education’. In: Azzopardi, A. (Ed.) Youth: Responding to Lives. Studies in Inclusive Education, Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, pp. 27-43. 

Book Review: Pushpa Sundar's Business and Community: The Story of Corporate Social Responsibility in India. Management Learning, 44(5): 563-566.

‘Educating the (Neoliberal) Citizen: Reflections from India.’ Development in Practice, 22(3): 361-372.

'Trapped between Ableism and Neoliberalism: Critical Reflections on Disability and Employment in India'. Disability Studies Quarterly, 32(3) (with D Sonpal & V Hiranandani). 

‘“Whose Reality Counts?”: Disability, Development and Participation.’ Indian Anthropologist, 41(1): 71-90 (with D Sonpal).

‘Expanding People’s Might – Putting Social Infrastructure into the Hands of the Community: Investigation into a Village Community.’ International Journal of Rural Management, 4(1,2): 129-152.

 Arun Kumar

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