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Dr Phillip Morgan
MA (Cantab.), BCL (Oxon.), PhD (UCL), FRSA, Barrister


I teach and research tort, contract, and commercial law. Within the law of tort I am particularly interested in vicarious liability, volunteers, comparative tort law, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems, and “tort reform”. I have published in the Cambridge Law Journal, Modern Law Review, Law Quarterly Review, Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly, Legal Studies, the Journal of Professional Negligence, and the Torts Law Journal, amongst others. My academic work has been used in argument before the UK Supreme Court, cited with approval by the High Court of Australia, the Supreme Court of Ireland, the Court of Appeal of England and Wales, the High Court in Malaysia, and also by government bodies and reports in the UK, Switzerland, and Australia, including the Law Commission. I am currently working on a number of funded projects including a European Research Council Horizon 2020 project on liability and regulatory issues for artificial intelligence.

I am the Book Review and Review Article Editor of the Journal of Professional Negligence, and an Editor of the Professional Negligence and Liability Reports.  I was formerly the Torts Subject Section Convenor for the Society of Legal Scholars.

Prior to joining York I taught at Southampton, and Girton College, Cambridge. I have been the Robert S Campbell Visiting Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, a Visiting Fellow of St Catherine’s College, Oxford, a Visiting Associate Professor, and also a Sino-British Trust Fellow at the University of Hong Kong, a Visiting Research Fellow at the Trinity Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin, a Visiting Scholar of St Edmund’s College, Cambridge, a Visitor at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, and the Cambridge Private Law Centre, a Visiting Scholar of St John’s College, Oxford, as well as a Visiting Researcher at Georgetown University Law Center.

I read law at Girton College, Cambridge, (Starred First and Top of Law Tripos Part IB), Christ Church, Oxford, (BCL (Distinction)), University College London, (PhD), and the College of Law, (BVC (Outstanding)), winning 18 University, College, and Inn scholarships and prizes. I was called to the Bar by the Middle Temple (First in Seniority, Trinity 2007)

I am a Council Member of the Society of Legal Scholars, a Member of the Society’s Library Sub-Committee, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. I am also a Barrister. I completed pupillage at Essex Court Chambers, (Commercial / Shipping / Civil Fraud / International Trade / Arbitration), where I mainly worked on large Commercial Court and Arbitral Tribunal cases, before moving to Crown Office Chambers, (Insurance / Personal Injury / Clinical Negligence / Construction), where I regularly appeared in trials and applications in the County Courts. I also appeared in the High Court, Companies Court, and in the Coroner’s Court. I have also been Judicial Assistant to Lord Judge, The Lord Chief Justice, and also to Lord Carnwath, Justice of the Supreme Court, (then Senior President of Tribunals).

I have supervised, (or supervise) PhD projects on efficient breach in commercial contract law, liability within the gig economy, the role of subsequent conduct within the interpretation of contracts, liability and the Manosphere, and AI and open banking regulations.



  • Obligations (with some historic and comparative aspects)
  • Personal property
  • Commercial law
  • Courts and litigation


  • Vicarious Liability

An examination of the changing nature of occupation and non-economic actors, sited in the context of the policy and theory of tort and vicarious liability. This project has led to publications in the MLR, LMCLQ, NLJ, and CLJ, as well as conference papers at the SLS Conference and the First International Conference of the Famagusta Bar Association, Northern Cyprus. Two of my articles on vicarious liability have been cited in judgments by the Court of Appeal of England and Wales in the leading case of JGE v The Trustees of the Portsmouth Roman Catholic Diocesan Trust [2012] EWCA Civ 938.

  • Law and the Big Society – time to relook at Charitable Immunity in Tort?

This is a historic and comparative study of the doctrine of Charitable Immunity in Tort in the Common Law.

For a full list of my publications and projects please visit my page on at:


Selected publications

  • ‘Distinguishing Two Features of Accountability for AI technologies’, (2022) 4 Nature Machine Intelligence 734–736, (with Zoe Porter, Annette Zimmermann, John McDermid, Tom Lawton, and Ibrahim Habli),

  • ‘Justifying Global Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims in the Modern Business Environment’, [2021] Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 306-329, (with Amalia Tzima),

  • ‘Vicarious Punishment: Vicarious Liability for Exemplary Damages’, Chapter 11 in Elise Bant, James Goudkamp, Jeannie Paterson, and Wayne Courtney (Eds), Punishment and Private Law (Hart Publishing, 2021), 287-318,

  • ‘Judgment-Proofing Voluntary Sector Organisations from Liability in Tort’, (2020) 6 Canadian Journal of Comparative and Contemporary Law 220-259,

  • ‘Mind the Gaps: Assuring the Safety of Autonomous Systems from an Engineering, Ethical, and Legal Perspective’, (2020) 279 Artificial Intelligence 103201, 1-16, (with Simon Burton, Ibrahim Habli, Tom Lawton, John McDermid, and Zoe Porter),

  • ‘Review of Legal Frameworks, Standards and Best Practices in Verification and Assurance for Infrastructure Inspection Robotics’ (RIMA, 2020), (pp 151), (with Youcef Gheraibia, Bob Kao, Rob Alexander, and Liam Kilvington),

  • ‘Vicarious Liability and the Beautiful Game - Liability for Professional and Amateur Footballers?’, (2018) 38(2) Legal Studies 242-262,

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  • ‘Conflicts between Jurisdiction and Procedure: Pre-Action Civil Procedure and Jurisdiction - a Poor Fit’, [2011] Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 275-292,

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  • ‘Unilateral Deployment of Armed Force for the Protection of Human Rights’, (2007) 5 Journal of International Law & Policy, (University of Pennsylvania), 7:1-7:7,



  • Obligations 1 (Module Convenor)
  • Obligations 2 (Module Convenor)


  • Law and Commercial Transactions (LLM) (Module Convenor)
  • Dissertations (LLB/LLM)

External activities


  • Council Member of the Society of Legal Scholars
  • Middle Temple
  • Royal Society of Arts

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