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Jonathan Fisk



MA MB BChir (Cantab) MPhil (Edin) LLM (Manc)

I studied Medical Sciences and the History of Art and Architecture at Cambridge University and completed my clinical medical studies at Kings College Hospital London.

I trained in Psychiatry in Edinburgh during which time I became a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. I then worked as a Lecturer in Psychiatry in Manchester for four years.

Thereafter I worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist in a District General Hospital for thirty years, during which time I also taught and conducted research in psychiatry and in ergonomics and undertook a Diploma in Health Services Management at the University of York, until I retired from the NHS.

Since then I have undertaken a Masters degree in Healthcare Ethics and Law and joined York Law School as a PhD student in October 2018.



My current research considers the question of the nature and purpose of consent in medicine and the extent to which these can be derived from a coherent ethical framework.

My previous teaching covers teaching and examining undergraduates and postgraduates in the Medical School in Manchester during my post there and in the University of Leeds when I worked as a Consultant.


  • 1998 BBC Radio 4 / Heating and Ventilating Contractors' Association. National Design Competition: First Prize - 'Central Heating Control Panel for the Blind'

  • 1991 Age Concern / British Telecom. National Design Competition: First Prize - 'Kettle for the Elderly.'

  • 1993 Forma Finlandia International Design Competition: Commended Finalist - 'Telemetric Drug Dispenser' (with Indes Design London)


Selected publications

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Dr Jonathan Fisk
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