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LeCTIS Seminar on stand-by interpreting in police interviews by Eloísa Monteoliva García

Posted on 15 February 2024

Our Director of Professional Language Learning, Dr. Eloísa Monteoliva García, made a presentation last February 8th as part of the LeCTIS Seminar Series organised by the Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies, University of Leicester. The talk was titled: “Stand-by Interpreting in Police Interviews: Negotiating Role(s) and Participation”.

Find the abstract of the talk below:

Stand-by Interpreting in Police Interviews: Negotiating Role(s) and Participation

In this presentation, the stand-by mode of interpreting was defined and discussed drawing on the outcomes of a research study conducted in Scotland with authentic video-recorded interpreter-mediated police interviews (Monteoliva-García, 2020b). The interviews featured stand-by interpreting between English-speaking police officers and Spanish-speaking suspects who had some English proficiency and communicated in ‘broken English’. Particular attention was paid to the contextual and interactional features of this hybrid mode of interpreting, the fluid nature of the interpreter’s role, the verbal and embodied mechanisms used by participants to negotiate participation, and the potential of ‘less standard’ modes of interpreting to bring to the fore features of interaction in multilingual encounters that, to date, remain under researched.