Excellent NSS scores for Languages and Linguistics

Posted on 25 September 2016

Strong teaching and satisfaction scores in the 2016 National Student Survey place York 1st in the Russell Group for Linguistics and English Language degrees.

NSS 2016

In the NSS 2016 survey of final-year students, all of our programmes received a rating of 96% or higher for the quality and effectiveness of our teaching. For overall student satisfaction, our Linguistics degrees (including English Language and Linguistics) received a rating of 98%. In the category of 'French Studies', our French degrees received 94%. Our Spanish degrees are grouped under 'Iberian Studies' with a satisfaction of 92%. We are thrilled with this very positive feedback on our staff and programmes.

Where we are in the Russell Group

On our linguistics degrees including English Language & Linguistics, we achieved 1st place in the Russell Group on scores for Overall Satisfaction, Teaching, Assessment & Feedback, Academic Support, Organisation & Management, and Personal Development. We are placed 2nd for Learning Resources.

For French the department is placed 4th in the Russell Group for overall satisfaction, 3rd for Teaching, and Learning Resources, and 1st for Personal Development. For Spanish we are placed 5th for overall satisfaction, achieving 3rd and 1st places for Personal Development, and Organisation & Management respectively. For German, the last two years of NSS data for our degrees show an overall satisfaction of 93%.

This is testimony to the dedication of our Language and Linguistic Science staff in providing a high quality learning environment and outstanding student experience.

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