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Linguistics/language blogs and fun stuff

Interesting readings

Phonetics and phonology

  • John Wells' phonetics blog
    What it says on the tin. Eclectic, informative, amusing, frequently updated.
  • Phonoloblog
    Claims to cover 'all things phonology'.
  • Mel Blanc's vocal folds in action
    The man who did the voices for Bugs Bunny, Sylvester the Cat, Tweety Pie and Porky Pig performs some of his repertoire with a laryngoscope down his throat, courtesy of YouTube.

Linguistic news and issues

  • Language Log
    The premier blog of language and linguistics issues, written by Mark Liberman, Geoff Pullum, and several other well known linguists. It's dangerously absorbing, and offers years' worth of archives to trawl through.
  • blogos
    News and views on languages and technology.
  • Linguablogging
    By the bespectacled Billy Clark.


  • BBC Pronunciation Unit blog
    Keeps you up-to-date with how foreign and idiosyncratic placenames and personal names in the news are pronounced.

Speech synthesis


  • Linguistic 'humour'
    No responsibility taken for the quality of content! Actually some of this is quite funny.
  • The Word Detective
    Evan Morris' site on 'words and language in a humorous vein'.
    Bringing (blinging?) you Engrish favourites from Japan and around the world.
  • Molecules with silly or unusual names
    This list, compiled by Paul May, a senior lecturer in chemistry at the University of Bristol, starts with 'arsole' and doesn't really improve over the next three innuendo-laden pages.