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Welcome to all alumni and friends of CWS. The 25 year anniversary celebrations in 2009 encouraged us to realize the extent of the CWS network. It was good to be in touch with so many Alumni and friends, both in person at the events in York, and via email. We will continue to foster these important connections so that the feminist work of CWS will continue to activate alumni, friends, and beyond.

We know how life-changing studying in CWS can be, personally, intellectually, emotionally - and financially. Women’s Studies degrees can also have an effect far beyond the individual, as graduates take their knowledge out into the world. To make the most of the experiences and expertise of alumni and friends, we have created an association and a fund for feminist scholarship.

And watch this page: soon we will be setting up an informal mentoring scheme, as well as a discussion list and links to conferences and events. And, building on the pleasure the annual newsletter gives everyone, we will add regular alumni news to the site (from protests to publications).

Alumni and Friends Association:

Please make sure we know where you are. Please enter your contact details via the Alumni keep in touch page if you haven’t already done so. The form is quite long, but do feel free to fill in as much or as little as you want.

Fund for Feminist Scholarship

This fund was launched by Professor the Baroness Afshar - our very own Haleh - at the anniversary dinner on 9th July 2009.

Its intention is to help support current students - to attend conferences, buy key research materials, or otherwise further their studies. Our longer term aim is to set up a CWS scholarship to help support a student who would not otherwise be able to study at York.

We would like to stress that we welcome small donations as much as large ones and cheques as much as online donations. You may wish to consider giving a regular, small amount (£5 a month from 50 people would make a huge difference to many students) or a one-off donation.

Click here to donate to the Fund for Feminist Scholarship

Please forward details of this web site to other graduates, former staff and external examiners, and other friends of CWS you may know.

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