Accessibility statement

Ethics committee structure

The Arts and Humanities Ethics Committee is a sub-committee of the University Ethics Committee.


AHEC is responsible for ensuring research is conducted in compliance with the University’s ethical standards. Its terms of reference are:

  • To ensure that the ethical standards of the University are met
  • To approve any projects involving human participants (who may be adults or children), human material (e.g. tissue or fluid samples), human data (e.g. surveys and questionnaires on issues such as lifestyle, housing and working environments, attitudes and preferences), animals or other organisms, following statutory procedures where these apply, and to refer complex or difficult cases to the University Ethics Committee, as appropriate.
  • To consider cases where there might be potential involvement in unethical practice arising in the context of teaching, consultancy, outreach or research (e.g. in relation to the funding, conduct, dissemination, collaboration or application of these activities), to offer guidance and advice to Heads of Department and individual members of staff on these cases, and to refer cases that raise substantive issues to the University Ethics Committee, as appropriate  
  • To report annually to the University Ethics Committee on the business undertaken by the committee, providing a statistical overview of the work of the committee and drawing attention to any general issues.
  • To manage ethical considerations in a manner characterised by explicit discussion, institutional accountability, and proportionality.


The committee membership for 2019-20 is

  • Dr Keith Allen (Chair) Humanities Research Centre 
  • Dr Katherine Graham, Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media
  • Dr Jamie Buckland, Philosophy
  • Dr Mary Fairclough, English and Related Literature
  • Dr Geoff Cubitt, Institute for the Public Understanding of the Past
  • Dr Jasper Heinzen, History
  • Dr Tom Collins, Music 
  • Dr James Taylor, Archaeology
  • Prof Helen Hills, History of Art
  • Kyveli Lignou-Tsamantani (Student member)
  • Dr Oliver Betts, National Railway Museum (Lay member)