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GP involvement in the care of children and young people with life-limiting conditions

This study was chosen for one of the first projects for the Centre to undertake as it was an issue highlighted by parents at Martin House. The prevalence of children and young people (CYP) with a Life-Limiting Condition (LLC) is increasing with more than 40,000 CYP currently living with a LLC in England. LLCs are those for which there is no reasonable hope of cure and from which CYP will die. CYP with a LLC typically have complex health care needs and during childhood their care is coordinated by tertiary or community paediatricians and it is unusual for the child’s GP to be actively involved. However, the care of these individuals is often transferred back to the GP to coordinate their care when they are no longer eligible for paediatric services. Given that many of these children are now living longer, sometimes into adulthood, this is an increasingly common scenario.

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The role of GPs in caring for children and young people with LLCs (PDF , 112kb) 


Funder: Martin House Research Centre
Start Date: January 2017
End Date: February 2018 - COMPLETED



Published Papers:-

Jarvis SW, Parslow R, Hewitt CE, Mitchell S, Fraser LK. GPs’ role in caring for children and young people with life limiting conditions – a retrospective cohort study. British Journal of General Practice. 2020 Feb 10;1-9.

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