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Improving the Management of Advanced Cancer Pain in the Community (IMPACCT)

Each year in England and Wales, 140,000 people die from cancer and 105,000 will suffer cancer pain. Patients spend 65-80% of their last 6 months of life at home and research shows that for these patients, pain remains common, severe and under-treated, sometimes leading to hospital admission. Significant barriers to good pain control include inadequate support and advice to patients, poor assessment and communication, and lack of access to an adequate prescription and timely analgesia.

The aim of this program of research is to benefit NHS patients suffering with pain from advanced cancer by earlier identification of patients and their carers that need support, promoting self-management, assessing and monitoring their pain and communicating this data between primary and secondary care, and ensuring good management of analgesic drugs.


Funder(s): NIHR Programme Grant for Applied Research 
Start Date:  June 2012
Expiry Date:  May 2017


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  • Mike Bennett

Public Health and Society Research in the Department of Health Sciences