Developing an Intervention for Tobacco Cessation within Primary Care in Nepal 

There are currently no comprehensive behaviour change programmes to support patients in primary care to stop tobacco use in Nepal. WHO’s Practical Approach to Lung Health is one approach that does attempt to address smoking cessation for lung health patients and is currently being implemented in 10 districts across Nepal. However, PAL has only a limited focus on tobacco cessation. This study has used qualitative research with health workers and smokers with lung health problems, evidence review, behaviour change theory and action research to develop a intervention to support tobacco users to quit. The intervention is being piloted in three primary healthcare centres using CO monitors to objectively measure smoking cessation at 6 months. 


Funder: Department for International Development
Start Date: June 2012
End Date: May 2014


Internal Staff

  • Helen Elsey

External Collaborators

  • Sushil Baral, Health Research and Social Development Forum, (HERD) Nepal
  • James Newell, University of Leeds
  • Heather Thomson, Leeds City Council
  • Nepal’s Ministry of Health and Population

Public Health and Society Research in the Department of Health Sciences