Healthy Kitchens and Healthy Cities

Within the context of rapid and uncontrolled urbanisation, the activities in the kitchen and the risks they may lead to are changing, as is the resultant disease pattern. This study has several interlinked components including qualitative interviews and participatory workshop with women living in two of Kathmandu’s largest slums, analysis of routine burn injury data to explore connections with climate, gas and electricity shortages; a scoping review of intervention to address lung health, burn injury and other risk to health linked to kitchen activities and the piloting of interventions in slum areas in South Asia. Ultimately this programme aims to identify and find funding for studies assessing the effectiveness of holistic interventions focused on the kitchen to reduce risks to health. 


Funder: Worldwide Universities Network (WUN)
Start Date: March 2013
End Date: December 2013


Internal Staff

  • Helen Elsey

External Collaborators

Public Health and Society Research in the Department of Health Sciences