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Tim Doran
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Tim Doran studied biochemistry and medicine at the University of Edinburgh and subsequently trained in psychiatry and public health in the North West of England. He moved into academia in 2000, holding posts at the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester, and Harvard School of Public Health. As Professor of Health Policy at the University of York, he leads research into the impacts of health and social policies on health inequalities, and the effects and unintended consequences of quality improvement initiatives in healthcare. 


  • BSc
  • MBChB
  • MPH
  • MD
  • MFPH



Tim's main research interests are in the fields of health policy and health inequalities, including the wider social determinants of health and the effectiveness of healthcare services. 


  • Re-engineering Health Policy Research for Fairer Decisions and Better Health. Funded by the Wellcome Trust through a Senior Investigator Award, this project draws together leading international collaborators from the fields of health services research, epidemiology, economics and ethics. The five-year programme will develop rigorous methods for measuring the impacts of health and social policy interventions on equity, and will apply these methods to assess the effectiveness of major public health and healthcare initiatives. 
  • Socio-economic Impact of Policy Instruments for Health Research Dissemination. Funded by the Danish Institute for Local and Regional Government Research, this project assesses the impact of policy instruments that apply and disseminate research for improvement of health care provision. 
  • Developing and Evaluating Diabetes Self-Management Interventions for People with Severe Mental Illness. Led by Najma Saddiqi (University of York) and supported by a programme grant from the National Institute for Health Research, this research will develop and test a self-management programme for people with both severe mental illness and diabetes. 
  • Quality of Primary Care and Healthcare Outcomes and Utilisation for People with Serious Mental Illness. Led by Rowena Jacobs (University of York), this National Institute for Health Research funded programme assesses the impact of primary care received by patients with serious mental illness on mortality, emergency admissions and healthcare use.
  • Supporting Policy Development and Evaluating Change: A Fast Response Analytical Facility. Funded by the Department of Health and led by Karen Bloor (University of York) and Richard Murray (King’s Fund), this collaboration provides expert advice, policy briefings and empirical and theoretical analysis to the English Department of Health in order to improve strategic health policy decisions. 
  • Cost-effectiveness of Deploying GPs in the Emergency Department. Led by Jonathan Benger (University of Bristol) and funded by the National Institute for Health Research, this research assesses the impact on patient care of GPs working in or alongside Emergency Departments.

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Tim is interested in supervising PhDs in the fields of health inequalities, quality improvement, and financial incentives in health care.  


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Invited talks and conferences

  • School of Public Health, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Sep 2017. Re-engineering health policy research for better decisions and better health.
  • Academy Health 34th Annual Research Meeting, New Orleans Jun 2017. Modeling the cost-effectiveness of pay-for-performance in primary care for the UK. 
  • Thirteenth Workshop on Costs and Assessment in Psychiatry, International Center of Mental Health Policy and Economics, Venice Mar 2017. Do Care Plans Influence Admissions and Mortality for People with Serious Mental Illness (SMI)?
  • International Health Policy Conference, London School of Economics, London Feb 2017. The Use of Care Plans in Reducing Emergency Admissions for People with Serious Mental Illness.
  • Diabetes and Mental Illness: Improving Outcomes and Services - Dissemination Event, Bradford Dec 2016. Diabetes and Serious Mental Illness. 
  • Department of Health, Leeds Nov 2016. The Evidence on Out-of-Hours Hospital Mortality.
  • Centre for Health and Population Sciences, Hull York Medical School, Hull Nov 2016. What Lies Behind the Weekend Effect?
  • Society for Academic Primary Care Annual Scientific Meeting, Dublin Jul 2016. Glucose, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels in Adults With Comorbid Diabetes and Severe Mental Illness.
  • Academy Health Annual Research Meeting, Boston MA Jun 2016. Chair, Article of the Year Award.
  • British Medical Association Annual Research Meeting, Belfast Jun 2016. Weekend Mortality and Seven Day Hospital Services.
  • Centre for Health Economics, University of York, York May 2016. Selection Effects and Elevated Weekend Mortality.
  • Department of Business and Economics, University of Southern Denmark, Odense Apr 2016. Death at the Weekend: What Lies Behind the Weekend Effect?
  • The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)/European Health Observatory, Paris Dec 2015. Financial Incentives in Health Care: Outcomes and Experiences in the UK.
  • Department of Health Sciences and Health Policy, Universität Luzern, Luzern Oct 2015. Professionalism and Governance in Primary Care.
  • Society for Academic Primary Care Annual Scientific Meeting, Oxford Jul 2015. The Relationship Between Quality of Primary Care and Premature Mortality In England.
  • International Health Economics Association Annual Congress, Milan July 2015. How Much Should We Spend on Providing Comprehensive Hospital Services Seven Days a Week?
  • University of Cambridge, Department of Public Health and Primary Care, Cambridge Jun 2015. Pay ‘em or Flay ‘em: Motivating the Medical Profession.
  • Training and Research Support Centre/Robert Woods Johnson Foundation Primary Care Forum, Oxford Sep 2014. Learning from Promising Primary Care Practice Models for the USA.
  • Commonwealth Fund Harkness Alumni Policy Forum, Washington DC Jul 2014. Financial Incentives and Paying for Quality.
  • Academy Health 31st Annual Research Meeting, San Diego Jun 2014. Withdrawing Performance Incentives.
  • Academy Health 31st Annual Research Meeting, San Diego Jun 2014. Pay-for-performance: Lessons for Value Based Purchasing.
  • University of York Health Sciences Seminar, York Jan 2014. Can England’s Health Divide be Closed?

Tim Doran

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