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Silke Vereeken
PhD Student



After completing a BSc in Psychology at the University of Amsterdam with the specialisation of Clinical Developmental Psychology, and completing an MSc in children and adolescent Health Psychology at the KU Leuven, Silke became immensely interested in the influences of physical activity, health behaviours, and addiction on mental illnesses. After eight months of further studying to be a researcher in the research group for Physical Activity, Sports & Health at the KUL (Belgium), she is now researching the effects of addiction, physical activity levels, and health behaviours under the guidance of Professor Simon Gilbody and Dr Emily Peckham.


  • BSc in Psychology (UvA, Amsterdam, Netherlands)

  • MSc in Health Psychology (KUL, Leuven, Belgium)




Silke is interested in Addiction, Physical Activity, Exposure to Nature, Health Behaviour research.

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Silke Vereeken
PhD Student
Health Sciences