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Mujeeb Masud Bhatti
PhD Student



Mujeeb is currently enrolled in a PhD program at the Department of Health Sciences, University of York. In general, his PhD work focuses upon increasing the access of evidence based mental health services for common mental disorder in the context of multimorbidity. He is looking forward to develop a culturally appropriate psychosocial intervention grounded in the principles of behavioural activation in collaboration with alternative mental health service providers to treat depression with co-existing type 2 diabetes to improve the mental health service delivery in Lower Middle-Income Countries. 


  • MSc Psychology
  • MS Clinical Psychology



Mujeeb is a clinical psychologist, and passionate about bringing social and academic change by challenging the status quo through high-quality research. He believes in the provision of evidence based, effective and equitable mental health services to every single person living in developing countries. His research interests, therefore, focus upon access to mental health care, management of common mental disorders, problematic technological/ screen behaviours and humanitarian issues faced by mental health service users. 

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Selected publications

  • Khalily, M. T., Rehman, A., Bhatti, M. M., Hallahan, B., Ahmad, I., Mehmood, M. I., & Khan, B. A. (2021). Stakeholders’ perspective on mental health laws in Pakistan: A mixed method study. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry74, 101647
  • Khalily, M. T., Bhatti, M. M., Ahmad, I., Saleem, T., Hallahan, B., Ali, S. A.-e-Z., Khan, A. A., & Hussain, B. (2021). Indigenously adapted cognitive–behavioural therapy for excessive smartphone use (IACBT-ESU): A randomized controlled trial. Psychology of Addictive Behaviours, 35(1), 93–101.

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Mujeeb Masud Bhatti
PhD Student