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Michael Saiger
PhD Student



Research has previously explored digital interventions for the treatment of phobias, including computerised therapy programmes and virtual reality; however, there are gaps in the literature as to how game design mechanics and therapy manuals can be combined in a design process for a streamlined development and delivery of therapy interventions. The research question Michael proposes is how co-production methods can be used with game design mechanics to deliver a clinical intervention for the treatment of phobias of children.


  • MPhil in Digital Health and Wellness
  • BA (Hon) Game Design and Production Management



Michael's undergraduate degree research explored empathy in video games, specifically through characterisation. In addition, Michael worked on a project involving young people with additional support needs and developing an educational game development process as a method of delivering educational goals.

Further to this, Michael has expanded his interest into digital health and wellness with his masters research expressing interests in user experience, cognitive behaviour and human-computer interaction.


  • IGGI PhD in Applied Games for Phobia treatment

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  • STEM ambassador

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Michael Saiger
PhD Student