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Danielle Varley
PhD Student



Danielle completed her MSc Health Psychology degree at Teesside University, where her research focused on testing the effectiveness of smoking cessation interventions.

Since 2011, Danielle has worked in a wide range of research roles and settings, including coordinating the I-SOCIALISE study, leading grant applications to national and international research funders (including being a co-applicant on four NIHR funded studies) and managing the Child Oriented Mental health Intervention Centre (COMIC).

Danielle joined the CANDO team as a PhD student in January 2020 and is researching the lived experience of people diagnosed with conversion disorder.


  • MSc Health Psychology (Teesside University)
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology (Teesside University)



Danielle’s research interests lie in mental health research, conversion disorder, and autism.


  • ASSSIST-2: Autism Spectrum Social Stories™ In Schools Trial 2 (ASSSIST 2)
  • I-SOCIALISE: Investigating SOcial Competence and Isolation in children with Autism taking part in LEGO-based therapy clubs In School Environments
  • Work Stress Survey: A study exploring work related stress and resilience, and the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on stress levels and resilience amongst employees and students of the University of York (UoY) and Hull York Medical School (HYMS).
  • CANDO: Conversion And Neuro-inflammation Disorder Observational (CANDO) study

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Danielle Varley
PhD Student


Full publications list

  • Varley D, Wright B, Cooper C, et al. (2019). Investigating SOcial Competence and Isolation in children with Autism taking part in LEGO-based therapy clubs In School Environments (I-SOCIALISE): study protocol. BMJ Open,9:e030471.
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