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Sarah Cockayne
Research Fellow (Trial Manager)



Sarah has a background in biochemistry and Health Services Research. She has more than 15 years’ experience coordinating and managing large scale multi-centred pragmatic randomised controlled trials in both primary and secondary care in the fields of podiatry, cardiology and osteoporosis.  As well as being involved in the day-to-day running of trials, she has experience of many trial aspects, including recruitment, methodological issues and design.


  • MSc
  • BSc

Departmental Role

  • Honorary Sub-group Committee

University roles

  • Member of the University of York CTIMP committee



Sarah's research interests are in pragmatic randomised trials of treatments for osteoporosis; podiatry treatments, heart failure and trial methodology.


  • British Heart Foundation (BHF) funded BreatheMOR-HF trial - evaluating morphine for breathlessness for patients with heart failure.
  • EVerT2 - funded by the University of Salford, EVerT2 is evaluating the effectiveness of needling versus nonsurgical debridement for the treatment of verrucae. 
  • OTIS -  Does Occupational therapist lead home environmental assessment and modification reduce falls among high risk older people?
  • SSHeW - Does Slip Resistant Footwear Reduce Slips Among Healthcare Workers? A Randomised Controlled Trial 

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  • Practical Randomised Controlled Trials module

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Sarah is a member of the following:

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  • Associate Editors of BMC Trials


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Sarah Cockayne

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Sarah Cockayne
Research Fellow (Trial Manager)

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