Lyn Robinson-Smith
Research Fellow



Lyn Robinson-Smith joined York Trials Unit, Department of Health Sciences, as a Research Fellow in 2018. Prior to this, Lyn was a member of Durham University’s Parent-Infant Sleep Lab  where she completed her PhD in breastfeeding outcomes and birth experiences before moving to Durham University’s School of Education to lead education trials, with a particular focus on the early years. Lyn is an experienced researcher and trial coordinator with interests in interdisciplinary research that spans both health and education. 


  • BSc (Hons) Biological Anthropology (Health and Human Sciences)
  • MSc by Research, Biological Anthropology
  • PhD Biological Anthropology



Lyn’s research interests and expertise include developing and leading large scale randomised controlled trials spanning both education (early years, primary, and the home learning environment) and health (particularly infancy, birth, breastfeeding and sleep) interventions


Research group(s)


Selected publications

  • Rudzik, A. Robinson-Smith, L. and H.L.Ball. 2018. Discrepancies in maternal reports of infant sleep vs. actigraphy by mode of feeding. Sleep Medicine, 49, 90-98. 
  • Robinson-Smith, L.. Warehsm, H. and H.L.Ball. Oxford Teen Sleep. Education Endowment Foundation, Final Report. 2018.
  • Robinson-Smith, L. Furhurst, C. Stone, G. et al. Independent Evaluation of Maths Champions. Education Endowment Foundation, Final Report. 2018.
  • Robinson-Smith and H.L.Ball. 2017.  Sleep and cognitive function in young children. The International Journal of Birth and Parent Education 5(1): 27-30. 
  • Robinson, L. and H. Gray. 2016. Independent evaluation of OUP reading and writing scales, final report. 
  • Merrell, C.M., Stothard, S., Robinson, L. and K. Bailey. 2015. Developing Young Children’s Early Literacy, Language and Mathematics: A Practical Guide. Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring, Durham University. 
  • Robinson, L. ‘Exploring the experiences of families living in fuel poverty and its impact on children’s attainment at school entry’. 2015. Chesshire Lehman Final Report, Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring, Durham University.
  • Robinson, L. and C. Merrell. 2014. ‘Improving Reading: A Guide for Teachers’. Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring, Durham University.
  • Robinson, L. 2014. The impact of mother-infant postnatal proximity and birth intervention on breastfeeding outcomes. PhD thesis. Durham University.
  • Robinson, L. and H.L. Ball. 2013. ‘The impact of birth intervention and postnatal ward cot-type on breastfeeding outcomes’. Maternal & Child Nutrition, Supp. 3, pp.1-41.
  • Russell, C.K., Robinson, L. and H.L. Ball. 2013. ‘Infant sleep development: Location, feeding and expectations in the postnatal period’. The Open Sleep Journal, 6 (Supp. 1: M9), pp.68-76.
  • Robinson, L. 2009 The ‘Got Milk?’ Project. The timing of lactogenesis phase II: The impact of mother-infant proximity. MSc thesis, Durham University.

Contact details

Dr Lyn Robinson-Smith
Research Fellow

Tel: 01904 32(1692)