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James Doughty
Systems Analyst



James graduated from the University of Leeds in 1999, before joining a Europe-wide study where his role was to build questionnaire software to be used in interviews alongside the management and maintenance of the data retrieved.

In 2000, he joined the Epidemiology & Cancer Statistics Group (ECSG) where he has worked as a systems analyst alongside provision of IT support. His main area of work is as a web developer and database administrator, where he develops full software solutions to meet the requirements of ECSG. He utilizes Microsoft ASP.NET to create a full range of software and websites, using Microsoft SQL Server as a centralised backend database, and Microsoft Access for legacy databases.


BSc Computer Science, University of Leeds


Full publications list

Haematopathology diagnostic skills acquired in a virtual laboratory: practical teaching in the 21st century
O'Connor, JM; Burton, C; Blase, J; Curson, W; Doughty, J; Lightfoot, T; Jack, A.
Haematologica - the Haematology Journal; Jun 2009; 94; p404-404


Teaching practical laboratory skills in the 21st century
O'Connor, SJM; Burton, C; Blase, J; Curson, W; Doughty, J; Lightfoot, T; Jack, AS.
British Journal of Haematology; 2009; 145; p60-60 

James Doughty

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James Doughty
Systems Analyst

Tel: 01904 32(1301)