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Susan Moore
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Susan is a Children’s and Young People’s Senior Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner and Clinical Studies Officer within Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys (TEWV) NHS Trust, and a Visiting Research Fellow with the Mental Health and Addiction Research Group (MHARG) at the University of York. She is trained to deliver psychological interventions for children and young people with emotional problems, such as anxiety and depression, in schools and the NHS, and to offer consultation sessions to staff who provide mental health support to young people. Her expertise is in low intensity cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) interventions for children and adolescents, including graded exposure, behavioural activation, worry management and parent-led self-help. She uses routine outcome measures as a way of tracking progress and evaluating outcomes with clinical interventions.

Within ComBAT Susan works along Dr Lina Gega on creating a new Behavioural Activation Treatment, including a treatment manual. Alongside this Susan is currently helping the team by scoping services who may benefit from the research programme.

Susan trains and supervises professionals and supports researchers and service user involvement to deliver the NIHR-funded Research Programme called ComBAT (Community-based Behavioural Activation Training for Depression in Adolescents), which is led by Prof Lina Gega at the University of York. Susan also contributes to eligibility assessments and data collection for young people participating in ComBAT. Over the last three years, Susan was a clinician for two research studies in collaboration with the University of York. The first study, called ASPECT, evaluated one session treatment (OST) against multi-session CBT for children with specific phobias, led by Profs Barry Wright and Lina Gega. The second was a feasibility study of online behavioural activation for adolescents with depression, led by Dr Lucy Tindall and supervised by Prof Dean McMillan.


  • Low intensity Psychological Interventions- Northumbria University (2019)

  • CYP-IAPY Clinical Supervision- Northumbria University (2021)



Susan's research interests are in Children’s mental health - Depression & Anxiety Disorders


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Miss Susan Moore
Visiting Research Fellow
Mental Health and Addiction Research Group

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