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Gregor Russell
Visiting Senior Lecturer



Dr Gregor Russell is a Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist with Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust (BDCFT). He completed an MD in 2014, investigating the relationship between complex visual hallucinations, dementia, and eye disease. Gregor is the R&D Director for BDCFT, overseeing the Trust’s research strategy, leading the delivery of CLEAR, the Trust’s biennial research conference, and supporting the Trust’s R&D Department in the successful delivery of NIHR portfolio studies across a wide range of subjects. He leads the Trust’s involvement with the innovative “City of Research” project, developing closer working relationships between NHS Trusts, Universities and the Local Authority in research delivery.

Gregor has also acted as medical lead for dementia for BDCFT, introducing service developments to improve the detection of Lewy body dementia in memory clinic, supporting the development of a specialist young onset dementia pathway, and leading collaborative work with the palliative care team to improve the quality of care on the Trust’s Dementia Assessment Unit.

Gregor has contributed to work that supported introducing access to Positron Emission Scanning in memory clinics in West Yorkshire, and to the development of NHS England good practice guide for Memory Assessment services. He also contributed to the development of the NHS England toolkit supporting deprescribing of antipsychotics in dementia. He acts as Specialty Research Lead for Dementia for the Yorkshire and Humber Clinical Research Network, and in this role has organised conferences to engage clinicians in research delivery across the region.


  • Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • MD University of Manchester
  • MMedSc University of Leeds
  • MB ChB University of Glasgow



Gregor research interests cover applied health research, with a focus on investigating how to support and improve care for older people with cognitive problems. This has included work on improving the quality of inpatient care in dementia, on end of life care and dementia,  on brain health, and on developing core outcome sets for delirium. Other areas have included work on improving physical health outcomes in SMI, and on the relationship between visual hallucinations, cognitive impairment and eye disease.

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  • Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • Faculty Member of Dementia Academy

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  • Twitter: @GregorRussell6

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Dr Gregor Russell
Visiting Senior Lecturer

Tel: 07714 917 040



Full publications list

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  • PhD and DClinPsych supervision at University of Leeds
  • Contribution to Module delivery on PGCert Dementia Studies and Mental Health Pharmacy pathway at University of Bradford
  • Educational supervision of core trainees in psychiatry, GP trainees and Foundation doctors

Other teaching

  • Seminars on Dementia and clinical teaching for undergraduate medical students at University of Leeds
  • Development of Masterclasses on Alzheimer’s disease, aimed at experienced clinicians, for Dementia Academy
  • Development of Masterclasses for Mental Health professionals and GPs in Bradford on Dementia and on Autoimmune Encephalitis
  • Coordinated development and delivery of Bradford District Care Trust’s research conference “VirtuallyCLEAR22”
  • Organisation of regular research teaching as part of Bradford District Care Trust’s Postgraduate medical education programme