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Holly Essex
Research Fellow



Holly initially joined the Department of Health Sciences in 2003 as an undergraduate and has since gained research experience across a wide range of health topics using a range of methodologies, including quantitative analyses, health economics, as well as qualitative approaches.

Holly was awarded an ESRC/MRC studentship for her doctoral work, during which she explored the risk factors for women having a caesarean section or an instrumental birth in the UK, using multivariable techniques to analyse data from the Millennium Cohort study. She has a particular interest in maternity services and women’s health research.

In 2014 Holly commenced training to become a midwife, but continued to work part time as a researcher on a project exploring continuity of midwifery carer. In 2017 Holly qualified as a midwife and she has recently specialised in digital midwifery. She now works in both a midwife and research capacity, with her research role being based in the Health Services and Policy Research Group. 


  • BSc Health Sciences, University of York
  • BSc (Hons) Midwifery
  • MSc Health Services Research, University of York
  • PhD Health Sciences, University of York



Holly's research interests include pregnancy and childbirth; maternity services, addictions; and quality of life.


Partnership for REsponsive Policy Analysis and REsearch (PREPARE)

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Dr Holly Essex
Research Fellow