Accessibility statement


We have an excellent employment record for our postgraduates who are highly prized by top level employers, both in the UK and on the international stage.  A combination of outstanding teaching and a supportive collegiate environment enable our students to develop their creativity, intellectual independence and ability to filter complex information and present it persuasively in person and in writing.  These are important transferable skills which will always hold their value at the top end of the jobs market.

What next?

Our postgraduates go into academia and teaching, arts administration, journalism, broadcasting, public relations, social work, politics, the civil service, and management consultancy.   Many alumni have also gone on to become successful novelists, poets and playwrights. 

Work experience

We are realistic – and sympathetic - about the financial pressures many of our postgraduate students are under, particularly those who are self funded.  We also recognize the value of work experience for students about to enter the jobs market.

Our students can take advantage of opportunities which include undergraduate teaching (research students only), running workshops, teaching for the Language Training Centre, acting as research assistants for members of staff, screening films, becoming a postgraduate tutor in one of the colleges, and photocopying.

Careers support

We have, in addition, a designated Careers Officer, Kirsty Mews, whose role is to provide English students with careers-related support and advice.  The University's Careers Service, to which Kirsty belongs, offers a range of resources, events and support services to help develop students’ skills and experience while they are at York. 

Handshake, which can be found at helps students find jobs on and off campus while there are, in addition, local opportunities for volunteering, internship or entrepreneurship.

Training for research students

The University’s Human Resources Department offers a targeted range of courses specifically for York research students to help them develop outstanding research skills while preparing them for their future careers.

Other sources of information

National job advertisements can be found online at and weekly in The Times Higher Education and Guardian.

The Japanese REsearch Career Information Network advertises jobs and opportunities in Japan. offers interesting insights on life after a PhD.

(c) Laura Kishimoto

"The Department has an excellent Graduate Training Programme which provides support and advice for early career researchers who may go on to a range of professions."
Catherine, PhD

"I couldn't have hoped for a more nurturing atmosphere for my research, or one that better accommodated the need to balance the degree with part-time work."
Bethany, MA