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Lauren Kossick

Why did you decide to train as a teacher?

It seemed at the time to be exactly what I needed to do to get everything I wanted from my career. I wanted to work with people, be constantly challenged and get a break from the whole "intense just work because you should" attitude that felt that it came with no reward. I was told teaching was a bad idea by a few people, which just made me more inclined to study it!

Why did you choose to train with the University of York?

York is my home. After three years of studying in this city I couldn't leave. It's beautiful, full of amazing sights and let's be honest it's a great night out!

What have been particular highlights of your training so far?

The tutors who lead the PGCE course at York are some of the best people I have ever met. I have never felt so supported or able to go somewhere to chat if I ever need to.  There's also something about when you stand up and get to teach for the first time and you realise all your hard work is worth it. That's my top highlight.

What advice would you give to current University of York undergraduates in your subject area who are thinking of teaching and considering doing their training at York?

Come and speak to some of the PGCE support tutors. They'll put any worries to rest about workload (they're not going to tell you it's easy just that you're not alone, believe me that helps). And then I'd just say that York is one of the top universities in the country for studying a secondary PGCE. They're not lying, so if you're going to do this thing that is really hard but really rewarding, you should stay in York. You won't regret it.

Lauren Kossick

PGCE Physics

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