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Lead Partner ITT Courses

Lead Partner ITT courses are hybrid versions of initial teacher training. You'll do some of your training at the University (Curriculum Area specialism training) and some of your training in school (Whole School Issues training at your Lead Partner Hub).

The calendar for Lead Partner programmes may differ slightly to the Core University programme, to enable Lead Partner trainees to be at their School Hub more often. However, you are still assessed in exactly the same way as any other University of York ITT trainee:

(i) QTS is assessed in your two placement schools; 

(ii) PGCE academic award is assessed through your academic assignments and other course components. 

At the University of York, we work with the following Lead Partner:

This ITT route also has its own manager in the School Hub, who works with us at the University to ensure that you progress through your PGCE studies and placement work. The Lead Partner route is subject to the same QA requirements as the Core route, and careful checks are undertaken by the University to ensure your programme is compliant with nationally laid down ITT criteria and Quality Requirements. The ITT curriculum experiences you undertake will be based around the same components as Core students undertake at the University but with localised contextualisation.

It is normal for the Lead Partner to be involved in the selection process at application stage (as well as university tutors), and you will be interviewed at the School Hub for this reason. 

Our Lead Partner may offer school experience days for interested applicants prior to applying.

You can apply for the Core Route and/or Lead Partner Route at the same time through DfE Apply. If you are successful in completing your Lead Partner PGCE course, it will be awarded by the University of York.


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