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Katherine Watson

Why did you decide to train as a teacher? 

Ever since I was young, I've wanted to be a teacher. As a teacher, you're one of the most important role models in the lives of young people and you can have such an incredible impact on their lives.

The difference between having a good teacher or a bad teacher can change your outlook on school life and that particular subject immensely; this is especially critical with such a stigmatised subject as mathematics. I want to inspire students to look at maths differently, to enjoy their learning in maths lessons and to want to continue to study the subject further.

Why did you choose to train with the University of York?

I completed my undergraduate degree at York and really enjoyed it. The university provides such a wide variety of societies for life outside of lectures. It's a lovely area of the country, the city is absolutely beautiful, the university has a good reputation and I thoroughly enjoyed my interview here!

What have been particular highlights of your training so far?

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the university sessions put on for us. The variety of guest speakers bringing new topics and issues to the table really adds to the programme. There's always so many different activities happening; there's always something to do and there's always so many different people you can talk to if you're ever in need of advice or help. The staff and students make the course amazing because they're all so friendly and are always there to help!

What advice would you give to current University of York undergraduates in your subject area who are thinking of teaching and considering doing their training at York?

 Apply! It will be the best thing you've ever done! The PGCE and Education department is incredibly organised and all lectures are well-structured. It's a completely different experience to an undergraduate degree - you'll never complain about having a 9am lecture again!


Katherine Watson

PGCE Mathematics

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