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Beth Kady

Why did you decide to train as a teacher? 

I decided to train as a teacher as I had always held a passion for my subject (English) and thought that it would be extremely rewarding to try and inspire this interest in young people. Having always considered education to be of extreme importance, I felt that I would be the right kind of person to promote and instil this enthusiasm for learning in others, and to hopefully contribute to their progression academically and personally as developing young adults. I also decided to train as a teacher because I knew that it would provide a challenge, and that every day would present me with something different; teaching is a job within which I can still be constantly learning and acquiring new skills from day-to-day. Teachers are also demanded worldwide, and I felt that my personal opportunities would certainly widen through choosing this career route.

Why did you choose to train with the University of York?

I chose to train with the University of York because I had done my English Literature undergraduate degree here and had a truly positive experience at the University. Having established roots here and knowing that I love the city, I decided that this would be the right place for me to achieve my aspirations. Furthermore, leading up to my decision the University had provided me with a sound base of knowledge of what to expect and the support I would receive, and they filled me with confidence that it would be the right choice.

What have been particular highlights of your training so far?

Having now started to take over lessons, I am rewarded daily by the rapport I am building with students and the enthusiasm I am met with often. A particular highlight was one student telling me she had read the same book three times. Knowing that there was a second in the series, I brought in my copy for her to read and she returned the next day having read it cover to cover; this proved to me that you can have a real impact on a young person’s day. I have also enjoyed the training I receive at University because it is so different from my undergraduate degree in its challenges and its outcomes, and I leave every session feeling like I’ve acquired or improved my life skills. Being around other trainee teachers is also a brilliant feeling, as you form a community of people who can encourage and provide tips for one another to develop daily. 

What advice would you give to current University of York undergraduates in your subject area who are thinking of teaching and considering doing their training at York?

I would wholly recommend York as the place for any English undergraduates who are considering doing a PGCE with the aim of teaching as a career. The course has been the right blend of challenge and reward, and every day is different- even in University, where the lectures and seminars are always very interactive and provide new information each and every time. The tutors are also incredibly supportive and knowledgeable, and guide you every step of the way. I always feel I can address my tutor with any concern, and would not doubt that I’m being pointed in the right direction. Additionally, York has some incredibly good schools to boast of, and this is incredibly important considering it is at these schools that your first experience of teaching will be on placement.


Beth Kady

PGCE English trainee

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