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Staff Research Seminar: Science Beyond the Boundaries

Wednesday 1 March 2023, 1.00PM to 2.00pm

Speaker(s): Professor Judith Bennett, Dr Lynda Dunlop, Peter Fairhurst, Alistair Moore, Dr Maria Turkenburg and Dr Lucy Atkinson (University of York Science Education Group)

There have been many things to learn - and many more to learn - from the Covid pandemic.  One of these is about the key role science plays in society - and that  this role involves interactions with other disciplines.  These include politics, ethics, psychology and religion - to name just some.  
The Science Beyond the Boundaries project is by the Templeton World Charity Foundation as part of its 'Big Questions in Classroom' programme, and is currently in its final year of four years.  The starting point for the project is the question, "How can students develop a richer view of science and appreciate the ways in which science can help answer some of the big questions facing society today?"  
To help answer this question, we have undertaken a systematic review of the literature on interdisciplinary teaching, and used this to develop a suite of evidence-informed units for teachers to use with students aged 16-19.  In this session we will say something about what emerged from their systematic review, show you some of the resources we have developed (including the MOOC - Massive Open Online Course - we have developed to support Science beyond the Boundaries), and share with you some of the preliminary findings of the data we are collecting to evaluate its impact.

Location: via Zoom