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Green Chemistry Green Impact Team

Green Chemistry Green Impact Team

The work Green Chemistry is doing towards sustainability is impressive - creative initiatives as well as the more straightforward or generic approaches. You can see they really care about this initiative! Their work on comparing current equipment to potential equipment highlights their drive to find more efficient equipment." 

Meet the Green Chemistry Green Impact team. We endeavour to minimise our effects on the environment following recommendations from the NUS Green Impact organisation. This can be anything from recycling paper to encouraging biodiversity! Green Impact teams across the country help make positive sustainable change through small changes in our labs and offices. Following a workbook of tasks, the team completes as many tasks as possible, gaining points along the way, and is awarded at the end of the year based on what they have achieved.

Our team was awarded Gold in both the office and lab categories in 2019 for making high impact improvements to the environmental performance of the green chemistry labs, promoting sustainable practices and reducing waste and energy consumption in office areas.

Any staff member or student working in the GCCE is welcome to join the team. If you are interested, please contact Ryan at or Rebecca at

Rebecca Donovan

"Making small changes to everyday habits and making it easier to choose sustainable options at work makes such a big difference when you remember that thousands of people are involved in Green Impact across the country. Having a team dedicated to sustainability in the workplace makes a world of difference." 

- Rebecca Donovan, Green Chemistry PhD Student

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