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CAHR awarded York's three first GCRF grants

Posted on 20 December 2016

The Centre for Applied Human Rights has been awarded the University of York's three first grants from the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF).

Paul Gready (CAHR) and Jean Grugel (Politics) were awarded an AHRC/GCRF grant for collaboration research with the NGO ActionAid, on using the arts to explore creative activism and development alternatives. The research will involve participants in Bangladesh, Uganda and the UK.

Martin Jones (CAHR) received an ESRC/GCRF grant for research on the law of asylum in the Middle East and Asia. This 2-year project looks at developing legal engagement at the frontiers of the international refugee regime, and takes place across Egypt, India, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Lars Waldorf (CAHR) was awarded a GCRF/PaCCS grant for a research project examining an innovative way of empowering persons with conflict-related disabilities in Sri Lanka through the combination of dance and law.