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Posters from C2D2 Inaugural Conference

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Tuberculosis in the colonial and independent British Caribbean
(History)  A molecular link between the sarcomeric z-disc and skeletal muscle hypertrophy
(Biology)  Are bowel cancer surgery outcomes becoming less equal? Analysis of time-series change in socioeconomic inequalities using data on all hospital inpatients in the English NHS from 1998 to 2009
(Centre for Health Economics) 
Validation of B-variant Ciz1 as a circulating biomarker for lung cancer
(Biology & Cizzle Biotech UK)  Probing linker design in citric acid-ciprofloxacin conjugates as new antimicrobials
(Chemistry) ‌  Visual abnormalities caused by non-autonomous actions of LRRK2-G2019S in a fly model of Parkinson’s Disease
(Biology & Psychology) 
Exploring novel multi-modal photonic techniques for live imaging of synaptic activity
(Physics & Biology)  Raman Spectroscopy: a powerful and non-destructive method to label stem cells
(Biology & Physics)  Scoping study of HIV and BBV testing for people with serious mental illness
(Health Sciences & Hull York Medical School) 
Multiplexed detection of disease biomarkers using electronic immunosensor arrays
(Electronics & Biology)‌‌ The Role of miR-132 in microRNA processing
(Biology, Hull York Medical School & Electronics) Progression of a prototype therapeutic towards the clinic
(Department of Biology & Hull York Medical School)
Connecting People Intervention International Feasibility Study
(Social Policy and Social Work & Health Sciences)
‌  Development of 3D Morphable Face Model for Planning, Guidance and Assessment of Craniofacial Surgery
(Computer Science & Hull-York Medical School)‌  Data and simulation for stem cell amplification studies in prostate disease development and control
(Computer Science & Biology)‌ 
Zebrafish: A New Vertebrate Model of Parkinson’s Disease
(Computer Science, Biology, Electronics)‌  Developing a method for CDG testing from dried blood spots
(Biology & Chemistry)‌  A linguistic analysis of 'Supported Conversation' interventions with people with aphasia
(Language and Linguistic Science & Health Sciences)‌ 
An inherent connection between endothelial cell activation and miRNA biogenesis during tumour-associated angiogenesis
(Biology, Hull York Medical School & Queen Mary University London) Mapping the Functional Organization of the Face-responsive Regions in the Human Brain using fMRI
(Psychology, York Neuroimaging Centre)