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Posted on 13 August 2019

We’re pleased to announce three new exciting publications, available to purchase via our online shop.

Poverty and Prejudice, A Study of Irish Immigrants in York 1840-1875

By Frances Finnegan. Borthwick Texts and Studies 43. 

This is a second edition of the much sought-after internationally-recognised text on Irish immigration, reprinted with a new preface and revised imagery. Drawing heavily upon census records for York, the work examines both pre and post famine Irish immigration, the effect on the York community, aspects of criminality and social justice, and the prejudice to which the community was subjected.

Heads of Religious Houses, England and Wales: Supplement

By David M Smith 

Based upon newly-researched entries in the Plea Rolls held at the National Archives, this Supplementary Volume adds a further thousand new heads of religious houses for the period 1273-1530; plus surnames for over 250 for heads already identified in preceding volumes. Many of the new entries are to be found in exempt orders such as Cistercians and Gilbertines, and also among nunneries. In addition, further information extending the tenure of almost 3,500 known heads has been found, ranging across all orders. 

York Clergy Ordinations 1425-1449

By David M Smith 

A new volume, available online free of charge featuring clerical ordinations from the Register of Archbishop Kempe, fully indexed and including comprehensive lists of Ordinations in the diocese of Durham sede vacante (1438) and Letters Dimissory (1425-1449).

Remember, you can have a wide range of publications delivered to your door via our online shop.  We have more exciting publications due later this year, including a new biography of JB Morrell by Dr Katherine Webb. Stay tuned...